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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why you should not make a lyrics Website

Creating a Website is a great idea Why? as the internet speed is being more faster, and android phones are selling more as they are being cheap day by day, life of mankind are now more affected by Websites, Now you can do almost everything online, in case if you have bank account balance with net banking, so lets talk about the title at least other wise Googlebot will discover me as a spammer.

Lyrics Website

What is a lyrics website?  (let me check on Google), oh i found it on Wikipedia
Lyrics are set of words that make up a song, usually consisting of verses and choruses, thank to Jimmy Wales, at least i got to know what is Lyrics, if you got to know about lyrics, i would like to tell websites that writes set of words that define a song is called Lyrics Website.  I would like to point one thing this blog (specially this post is only for my own sake). Thanks to world's most popular search engine that is offering blogger service so i can express all this

Problem behind Lyrics Website

Most of the lyrics websites (i mean Indian hindi lyrics Website), does not have copyright of the lyrics, so all the content whether you write by listening song or by reading from another lyrics website is violation of Copyright law and you already know what Google do with the sites that violate terms and Condition. First of all if you are a Adsense Publisher you can not show Google ads on such a website, where you don't have your content. If you will tell me i know some sites that write lyrics and showing Google Adsense Ads, i will only tell they are lucky enough to survive with not only Adsense crawlers but also with Google search purifier algorithms.

My own experience 

Let me introduce myself  My name is Pranav Kumar, a Engineering Student with Electronics and Communication (ECE), I cannot tell me myself a blogger as i don't have any successful blog. whw i create a lyrics website? you know money is driving force for everything, it is almost equivalent to traffic in case of website (except non profit organization like Wikipedia).

I Search about traffic of different websites and got to know lyrics websites are getting good traffic so just then i decided to create a lyrics websites, as i cannot buy a domain now, since my debit card is not working or i should say i cannot spent enough to buy a domain in 99 Rupees (1.60$), so i  create a blog on blogger, its always a great idea since blogger servers are great, can sustain heavy traffic, a created lyrics 
blog { ( Don't worry about extension it may change with change of country, like for me .in for Pakistan .pk, for Australia .au and so on ( i am only sure about .in )}

 Sitemap for Lyrics Website hosted on Blogger

I don't know much about sitemaps, except that it is like a map that let act like a normal map for your site, Bots that crawl whole the web, these map help to find the way on your blog to crawl content effectively. In case of blogger i was confused till yesterday  ( Thanks to Manjit Lotey, a rising star in Google Webmaster  Tools Support forum) but not now. I got to know default sitemap is best (as in my case is

Confusion about Blogger Sitemap

Why i was confused about blogger sitemap? I just want to discuss this also, if you are Indian blogger, there is no reason you have not heard about Amit Aggarwal,  I search for best sitemap for blogger and  i reached to the, a Xml sitemap generator for blogger , i generated the sitemap for my lyrics something like this

and Submitted in GWT ( Google Webmaster Tools), the blog was indexing, but i thought the site is poor performing in Google Search Index ( obviously it must, As lyrics blog like mine don't have original content, almost no backlink and other weapon that need to rank higher, except Publisher Markup through Google Plus Page)  and i was confused about sitemap also so i write on Google Webmaster Tools product forum that not only discourage me for writing duplicate lyrics but also encourage me for writing original content, at least i can think so.

SO? Lyrics Websites are going to extinct in near Future

I don't think so, Lyrics websites will be always there until there will be strict regulation on Lyrics Piracy, but there will be always one thing, as Google Search algorithm will be more evolved, and Google bot will be smart enough to differentiate between Copyright lyrics of pirated or copied lyrics

Should i Make a lyrics Website?

I think i have discussed on few of the important topic that need to understand before making a lyrics website, as per my experience  but if you have again some questions please ask to Google Product forums


I inspired to write conclusion, when i was reading quicksprout, a blog by Neil Patel  who always inspire me, there are few points i like to mention.

1.As per the Google Product fourm, i got to know Lyrics are the property of Lyricist and only he has authority to publish it anywhere under his name, if you are publishing you must have rights to do so 

2. Lyrics websites are mostly crap, since they only recycle content not manufacture anything new, these type of sites are always vulnerable to lose their rank in SERP with improved algorithms of Google 

3. You cannot show Google Ads (Adsense) on Lyrics website, as most of the published content on your website is not unique 

4. If you really want to make a lyrics website, ask to actual lyricist ( If Possible) Obtain Authority and then write 

Last Words

This is first post on this blog and it is only outcome of my broken heart and aspiration to write something original, i know there will be lot of mistakes (whether it is grammatical or anything else), i will be obliged for pointing out through comments.  
I have mentioned few of the things that i learned from the Google Product Forum, and doing some research on Lyrics website and reading others on the Product Forum
I would like to thanks all Google Product forum Contributors (Manjit Lotey, Ashley, Webado, Blackbelt,digidoll, TheCapedCrusader & all others,sorry to name only few),as they are volunteering globally and helping Millions of people get their questions answered.

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