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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ten Ways to Share your Website or Blogger Blog posts automatically on Social Sites

How to share blog post automatically on Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr & Several other? Get the list of top 10 site to share your site or Blogger content on social Network for driving more traffic on your blog.

Wordpress has several plugins to share your post automatically, like Jetpack allow you to share post via publicize option, the real problem arise with Google Blogger since there is no plugin available for sharing posts,here is a list of top ten carefully selected websites that let you share your  blogger posts on several social networks

Top Ten sites to Share Google Blogger Posts directly on multiple Social Networks Share Better
the Website help to deliver Website or blog content to the social web including twitter an faceobook, simply signup to get started Feed your Blog to Social media
As the name implies the site is famous for sharing content on Twitter but it is also a awesome tool to share your content on other social networks like Facebook A Better way to share on Social Media
Buffer is a similar to other websites, let you share your site or blog content easily on social Media can be used for 30 days for free, it let you share,analyze content on Social Media, according to official website companies like KFC, Nissan are few of their Customers
Hootsuite allow to share Website or Blog Content efficiently on multiple social networks see, though hootsuite is quite professional It is a twitter follower management application
It is a sharing website that will help you to share your content on Multiple top social sites 
It is also a popular website for publishing content on twitter, simply add your site Rss feed and get your content delivered on twitter

9. Put the Internet for Work
IFTTT is a powerful tool that allow you to create some strong social connections for your blog on social networks

10. Socialoomph:
Boost your Social Productivity, just setup your account and share it to thousand of users active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter drive more traffic on your blog

Other popular sharing sites: 

  • SocialFlow
  • Spreadfast
  • CoTweet
  • TweetDeck
  • Seesmic


The above enlisted website are not only helpful to share blogger content only, these can helpful in sharing content from almost any website,  it is also useful in finding insight about your blog followers
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