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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Simplest way to add Google Analytics in Blogger Blog

A new blog needs tracking to improve traffic,content quality, bounce rate, page views, let you know  keywords that are leading visitors to your site. There are many tools on Internet, but there is nothing better than Google Analytics for new bloggers, website owners and entrepreneurs. Blogger is a service provided by Google that let you create your free blog on internet, as like mine (, blogs created with Google Blogspot service usually have subdomain, however you can change it with help of Blogger Custom Domain.

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How Google Analytics Can help my Blog?

Every time when i create a new blog, either it is a Wordpress or Blogger, first of all i setup few things like Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), Google Analytics & Submit sitemap. Doing all these things help to improve my site visibility to Google, You can also submit your Site to Bing and other search engines to improve your blog visibility in Bing or other search engines.

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How to Add Google Analytics in Blogger

Create Google Analytics Account: 
You need to set up a Google Analytics (GA) Account first for your blog, after setting your GA Account, you will have a tracking code, only that code you needed for successfully adding your blogger blog to Google Analytics, follow steps as directed below:

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Sign in with your Gmail account 
  3. Click on the "Sign Up" button (see in top left side)

New page will be opened, where you will be asked following details:

5. Now Enter you new Account Name, Website Name, Website Url, Select Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone, as you can see in the image above, after filling all these details correctly for your new blog, move your cursor down, here you will see something like this (see image)

4.Now,Click on "Get Tracking ID" button (dark blue color)
5.Accept Google Analytics Terms of Service,(this will be opened in Pop Up Window)

In a few seconds you will see a loading message on the top of page and then Success on the top middle of the page (if you don't see it don't worry)
In a new page you will see a GA Universal Tracking ID like "UA-123456789-1"   in the top left corner also, you will see few codes containing your Tracking Code

6.Copy that Code ("UA-123456789-1") that is looking something like this & Cheers!
Your blog have now a GA Tracking Code, there is one more step you need to add this code into your Blogger Template, lets how below:

Add Google Analytics to Blogger

  • Visit your Blogger Dashboard, Select your Blog 
  • Click on Settings, then 
  • Click on Other
  • at the bottom of this page (see image)

  • Add your tracking Code after removing previous one
  • Click on "Save Settings" button

Check if you have done everything  right

Now visit to the your newly Setup Google Analytics Account
Click on Real-Time
Click on Overview
Check the online visitors
Don't worry if it shows Zero, it happens usually with new blog
Now refresh your blog
You will see atleast1 Online Visitor

If you don't see online visitor don't worry check it after one day

You know i am always free for comments, i would love to reply back ask me anything related to this post, invite me for help you need regarding your blog.

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