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Friday, 10 October 2014

How to Genuine Windows 7 With Command Prompt in Few Seconds

This post talk about, how to Genuine Windows 7 without use of any application or installation,everything needed to Genuine your Windows is already there in your computer, just see this easy but helpful guide to Genuine Windows 7 with Command Prompt(cmd) in few easy steps

#Problem with Pirated Windows 7

Most of the people don't buy Genuine windows, if you are one of them and your Laptop/Desktop Screen is now black and showing a disgraceful message like this:

Windows 7
Build 7601
This Copy of Windows is not genuine 

See Images:


Also it is more irritating every time you start your computer you find this error

If this is your problem here is one of the simplest solution using Command Prompt, follow these steps 

 Genuine Windows 7 in a Five Simple steps 

Open Command Prompt 
  1. Press "Start button"
  2. Type "cmd" in Start menu
  3. Open cmd & Run as Administrator (see image for assistance)
  4. Type SLMGR -REARM (Give a space between SLMGR and -REARM)

Now a Success message will be flashed on the screen (if you don't find any message don't worry just restart your Computer)

5.Restart your Computer and you will find now your Laptop/Desktop Windows 7 is Genuine, Messages are disappeared, now Cheers!

I have tried this method and it is working for me, so obviously it should work for you also, if you followed the instructions correctly. one thing you should note, there is maximum limit on rearm so after 4 or 5 times using it window may deny it, Don't worry then Download a Windows 7 Activator and run it. 

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