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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How to Create a Free Blog on Google Blogger using

There are various free blogging sites that let you create free blogs like,,,,, and Many More

For  newbies who are stepping into this blogging world, it is always better to start with either Blogger ( or, both are free and easy to create, you need not pay anything for these services. There is one thing that you will not like that you will not have own domain name, your blog is a subdomain of like mine you can see its, the bold one is my blog name and italic is the subdomain, with any other free service you have to go with their respective site name. 

If you are worried about it, there is also a solution in blogger, you can set up your own domain name.

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Limitations of Blogger Blog

This post is dedicated to guide you about creating a free blog on Google Blogger, lets have talk about it few of its demerits or limitations

Lack of Plugins: Google Blogger don't let you use plugins as in Wordpress, Customization is difficult for new bloggers.

Fewer Themes and Customization options:  In blogger you will not find much option to customize your blog as you can do in Wordpress with the help of plugins.

Content of  Blog is not Safe: Since your blog is not self hosted, your content is hosted by another site(Blogger), it has to follow terms and condition of the company, if it found you are violating its terms and condition so it can delete your Blog.

With the above discussed limitation don't worry, you can always save your content in .xml file  and upload it to other one. If you are afraid i can assure you  from two years of experience with  Blogger service, I don't find any of my blog deleted so don't worry start your free blog today in less than 10 Minutes. 

Steps to create a Free Blog on Blogger 

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Google or Gmail Account 
After Successful Login
You will be asked to Confirm your Profile and to choose your  language from the drop down menu on the top right Corner

   3. Click on "Continue to Blogger" Button

  4.  A New Page will be opened like this

5. Click on New Blog,  a pop window will appeared like this

 6. Now Write a Title for your Blog, anything you like like Alex's Blog, Free Blog, it will be like name   of your blog as mine is EarnZero

   7. Choose Address of your newly created blog like, If these blog addresses are available you can have that address ( You will see a right mark if you choose a blog address that is available)
   8.  Now Select Template for your new Blog, there are several options like Simple, Dynamic Views, Picture Window

   9. This is the last thing you have to do for your Blog that is after all these steps click on "Create Blog" Button

The Pop window will be disappeared and your new Blogger Blog will be created, Now you can create new post by clicking on   This Button, Write your first Post.

Cheers! with your newly created Blog, Happy Blogging 

How to Customize  Blogger Blog

There are number of customization option available in Blogger, Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Click on Customize

Now You can Customize 
  1. Template
  2. Background
  3. Can Adjust Widths
  4. Layout 
  5. Under Advanced option you can change link color, Font of title of your Blog and Blog-posts and many other customization that you will love to do  

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One thing more: Please write comment about this post  i will be happy to reply, let me know what you feel good and bad about this Guide Post. 

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