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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Solid Steps to Discover & Recover your Site from Google Panda Penalty

If your site organic traffic is dropped off significantly and remains almost similar till a week, this post will let you identify and recover Google Panda effect 

Google Panda : It is a domain based penalty, if you have created low quality content/thin content or duplicate content  on your site earlier and it is still hosted under your domain name  so not only those pages but whole of your domain will be penalized, it is not always the content is user created sometimes it may be created by CMS like Wordpress itself, removing these thin content can act as a quick fix for recovering from Google Panda penalty

How to know your site is affected by Google Panda ?

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a indispensable tool to research about your site organic traffic, in case if your site is penalized by Google Panda update your Google directed traffic (Organic Traffic) will have major impact. Do a deep research and find out site performance in Google SERP check how much drop is there for top performing pages and Keywords, if there is significant drop suddenly so that could be a Panda Penalty, you can also run a Panda report 

Websites that can be affected by Google Panda Update

  • A Website having low quality content or thin content 
  • A Website having too many affiliate links in same page
  • Sites having multiple Popup Ads, Security Warning and Forced download
  • A site has keyword stuffing and Doorway pages
  • Sites acting as a Content Farms 
  • A site having high bounce rate or low user engagement 
  • Too many broken links

How to Recover & Avoid your site from Google Panda Penalty

#Analyze and improve your Site landing Pages
Visit Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools take a dig and analyze landing pages of your website check user interaction and bounce rate, if user interaction is low check factors behind it there may be several reasons like Site loading time, Popup ads, website rendering problems.

#Remove thin or low quality pages
Search indexed pages of your websites, you can simply do it by writing  in Google , there will result of indexed pages from your website  spy at archives, author pages explore your site and find content that has less number of words, leading to low user engagement and high bounce rate, improve these page and and again fetch them using  Fetch as Google Tool from GWT

#Write Quality Content
You may have heard and read on several blogs write quality content or Content is King but recently when i was reading at Problogger i found that there are several things along with content that impact on your blog traffic as like Facebook likes, Twitter followers since these Social sites drive traffic to your blog that improve your content flow on web, lead to faster crawling and indexing but along with that there is one most important thing that must considered by every blogger that your site is not meant for Crawlers, We write content for Humans be a human being, write content that help user lead to better engagement, in short i mean to say improve usefulness of your site by Content, Social Media, Tools. If you are writing unique content that is helping your Visitors so obviously later or sooner you will be rank higher and get  traffic on your blog

#Analyse Mobile and Web View of your Site
With the improved internet browsing on Mobile phones and Tablets, search traffic on a site is significant via Mobile phones, use Google Page Speed insight tool or Pingdom site speed test tool to analyze rendering time and rendering score that help you to get rough data which can be used to improve mobile view of your site 

#Check and repair broken links on your Site
Look for broken links on your Blog or Site, you can use W3c Link Checker tool or other similar tools on web to find out broken links and can manually repair them, if you are using Wordpress so you can look for plugin to do the same

#Use nonfollow links while linking with low quality website
Don't links your site with just and low PR website, you can use nonfollow attribute while linking with low quality sites, in blogger you can simply select Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute while adding link

#Check for Duplicate content on Your Website
You can discover duplicate pages on your blog with the help of Google Webmaster tools just see html improvements under Search appearance tab, you may have two condition like similar content is linked with two different urls or two unique content may linked with the same url 

#Improve your Ad placement
If your advertisement is not properly placed,lead to poor navigation of your site page so it come up with negative impact, mixed content and advertisement can improve CTR for your ads but it irritates your visitors, i have find it many times personally too much popup ads are really horrible for new visitors, it has really great negative impact , even forcing your visitors for Facebook like can raise bounce rate

#Reduce Keyword Stuffing and Use LSI Keywords
I have seen many blogs that are stuffing their pages with keyword, Using Optimum level of keyword in your blog is ok but don't stuff pages with keyword, in the initial days of web, Keyword was a major factor for ranking but with improved Search engine algorithms,
Google Uses LSI technique to index pages means it discover words and phrases related to any document or group of documents, you can use LSI Keyword tool to find LSI Keyword related to your Post

Conclusion | Summary 

Every Google Algo update is only for making web more better place, the complex algorithms help users in real life web problems. websites helping and proving better user experience are less likely to affected by Google Updates. If you have written low quality pages in the start of your blog so remove it first for upcoming Panda threats, as your whole domain rank will be lowered due to these low quality pages leading two decreased SERP for top performing pages also.

If your blog is affected by Google updates, first of all don't be panic and don't lose your interest toward your blog, look for the reason, improve top performing pages and fetch it again via Fetch as Google tool. Always keep in mind your lost traffic can not recovered in a day it will take time, keep improving it will help you to learn new things and let you more successful 

Happy Blogging to all...........

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