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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Two great ways to download youtube videos without any app

 Download youtube Videos easily without any application

More often people like to use Internet download manager to download most of the content from the internet, the grabber feature embedded in IDM, works perfect for most of the video sites.  Sometimes you don't have  either IDM or IDM grabber does not work perfectly so what to do then?
Today i am gonna tell you two great ways to download videos from youtube, these two methods work flawless.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Find collection of free Youtube movies at

The most common place for videos and movies is Digital inspiration founder Amit Agarwal has created a wonderful website for movie lovers, that let you find almost all the movies easily that is available on Youtube.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Ringo, a new app for low cost international Calling without Internet

Ringo is recently launched voice caling app, for both android and windows smarphones. Ringo converts your international calls to local calls. There are lots of services to make international calls like viber, skype, whatsapp all needs to have a stable internet connection, at a home you need to have fast Wifi connection for video-chat with Facetime and Skype. Ringo can help to make stable international calls even on go.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

50 new proxy sites | Proxy servers of 2015

Sometimes you need to access an useful site that is blocked at college,school or company. These sites can be accessed via using proxy servers here are list of fifty (50) new proxy sites of year 2015.

Proxy site hide the user actual address and creates a intermediate connection in between actual client and destination address, in this way it help to surf Internet anonymously. here is hard compiled list of 50 totally new proxy sites.

Five Popular remote access apps for android smartphones

There are times when  you want to access your computer that is at home, & you are travelling in your car going to office, or you are at far away distance from you home, you have no laptop nothing all you have is your android phone.
This post is gonna introduce with some specially selected free apps for android smarphones that will allow you to access your computer from remote location.

1.  Teamviewer

TeamViewer is Most famous android application that provides easy and secure access to Windows, Linux & Mac systems. It can used to control computers as  you are sitting