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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Solid Steps to Discover & Recover your Site from Google Panda Penalty

If your site organic traffic is dropped off significantly and remains almost similar till a week, this post will let you identify and recover Google Panda effect 

Google Panda : It is a domain based penalty, if you have created low quality content/thin content or duplicate content  on your site earlier and it is still hosted under your domain name  so not only those pages but whole of your domain will be penalized, it is not always the content is user created sometimes it may be created by CMS like Wordpress itself, removing these thin content can act as a quick fix for recovering from Google Panda penalty

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ten Ways to Share your Website or Blogger Blog posts automatically on Social Sites

How to share blog post automatically on Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr & Several other? Get the list of top 10 site to share your site or Blogger content on social Network for driving more traffic on your blog.

Wordpress has several plugins to share your post automatically, like Jetpack allow you to share post via publicize option, the real problem arise with Google Blogger since there is no plugin available for sharing posts,here is a list of top ten carefully selected websites that let you share your  blogger posts on several social networks

Friday, 10 October 2014

How to Genuine Windows 7 With Command Prompt in Few Seconds

This post talk about, how to Genuine Windows 7 without use of any application or installation,everything needed to Genuine your Windows is already there in your computer, just see this easy but helpful guide to Genuine Windows 7 with Command Prompt(cmd) in few easy steps

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How to Create a Free Blog on Google Blogger using

There are various free blogging sites that let you create free blogs like,,,,, and Many More

For  newbies who are stepping into this blogging world, it is always better to start with either Blogger ( or, both are free and easy to create, you need not pay anything for these services. There is one thing that you will not like that you will not have own domain name, your blog is a subdomain of like mine you can see its, the bold one is my blog name and italic is the subdomain, with any other free service you have to go with their respective site name. 

Simplest way to add Google Analytics in Blogger Blog

A new blog needs tracking to improve traffic,content quality, bounce rate, page views, let you know  keywords that are leading visitors to your site. There are many tools on Internet, but there is nothing better than Google Analytics for new bloggers, website owners and entrepreneurs. Blogger is a service provided by Google that let you create your free blog on internet, as like mine (, blogs created with Google Blogspot service usually have subdomain, however you can change it with help of Blogger Custom Domain.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why you should not make a lyrics Website

Creating a Website is a great idea Why? as the internet speed is being more faster, and android phones are selling more as they are being cheap day by day, life of mankind are now more affected by Websites, Now you can do almost everything online, in case if you have bank account balance with net banking, so lets talk about the title at least other wise Googlebot will discover me as a spammer.