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Monday, 8 June 2015

Ringo, a new app for low cost international Calling without Internet

Ringo is recently launched voice caling app, for both android and windows smarphones. Ringo converts your international calls to local calls. There are lots of services to make international calls like viber, skype, whatsapp all needs to have a stable internet connection, at a home you need to have fast Wifi connection for video-chat with Facetime and Skype. Ringo can help to make stable international calls even on go.

Ringo is Cheaper than telephone Call
Making intenatinal calls directly from mobile phone is quite expensive now you can fight these expensive rates by using Ringo. As per the official website of Ringo(, Ringo is the first app to delivers high quality and low cost internatinal calling. Like any other app in market Ringo doesnot depend o internet, it uses telephone netwoks which gives superior calling experience during call.

How to use Ringo app on Smartphones
For using Ringo you need to install its application on your Smartphone, the other person can answer your call without having Ringo on his/her phone. It gives you a freedom to call anyone who has working phone connection.
Ringo filters your contact list and shows only interntional numbers.

How Ringo converts international calls into local calls
As per the official website information, for example when  a user from India wants to contact someone in United States, the app automatically call a local call to indian user and another local call to the UK user and connects the two over reliable carrier circuits.

Is Ringo Free ?

Ringo is not totally free, you need to buy some Ringo credits fro calling, you can buy credits from Ringo app or from the official website ( You will get a credit of rupees 63 when you buy a $1 recharge.

Missed Call costs in Ringo
One thing that must be known before start using Ringo is that missed call in Ringo is not free, it costs like other VoIP, if you call someone in US and no one picks your call for minute, then it will cost you rupees 1.08, for same condition in UAE it would cost rupees 8.62 since cal rates for UAE is higer than US.

Call  Rates
You can check the complete rate list at the official website of Ringo, although i am giving call rates for some popular destinations.

on Mobile phone: Rs. 0.76/min
on Landline no.  Rs. 0.76/min

On mobile phone: Rs. 1.63/min
on Landline no.: Rs. 1.66/min

on Mobile phone: Rs. 8.73/min
on Landline nO.: Rs. 8.73/min

Saudi Arabia
On mobile phone: Rs. 7.06/min
On landline no:  Rs. 5.39/min

on mobile phone: Rs. 1.59/min
on Landline no.: Rs. 6.49/min

on mobile phone: Rs. 5.95/min
on Landline no.: Rs. 6.49/min

On mobile phone: Rs. 6.65/min
on Landline no.: Rs. 6.32/min

Bottom line
Inspite of all, Ringo is great app for low cost international calls, there are other popular servies like Viber, Skype etc. But other apps needs stable internet connection while Ringo doesnot, even you can call someone abroad even if he has not installed Ringo on his phone.
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