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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Five Popular remote access apps for android smartphones

There are times when  you want to access your computer that is at home, & you are travelling in your car going to office, or you are at far away distance from you home, you have no laptop nothing all you have is your android phone.
This post is gonna introduce with some specially selected free apps for android smarphones that will allow you to access your computer from remote location.

1.  Teamviewer

TeamViewer is Most famous android application that provides easy and secure access to Windows, Linux & Mac systems. It can used to control computers as  you are sitting
just in front of them.  You can also access your friends, colleagues and client computers on go.

Features of Teamviewer
  • Provide access to computers behind firewalls and proxy server
  • Full keyboard functionality
  • Transfer files in both directions
  • Real time sound and video support
  • Highest security standards (256 bit AES Session encoding,2048 bit RSA Key exchange)
  • Supports for multi monitors
How to use TeamViewerInstall this app on Android Phone
  • Install TeamViewer on your Computer system
  • For accessing your computer you need to have your computer's TeamViewer ID and Password 


It is used to basically view the someone else's screen, it is also an 100 percent free app, it can give you painless access to other's screen, but it is low in features. In spite of all that it is a great app for meetings and training purposes and works well on most of the android machines.

     Download from Google Play Store

3. Agastya
It is quite new app in Google Play, you can retrieve lots of information from your phone in case your phone is lost or you have no access of you android phone.
The following data can be fetched:
It can help you to fetch your contacts from Address book
Call logs ( like received calls, missed calls, dialed numbers etc.)
IMEI Number
Phone Profile (Ringer to Silent)
SIM Number
SMS Logs etc.

This app can  brilliantly help you in a case when you reach to office and you found that you have forgotten your phone at home and you need to  call a client whose number you do not remember, in that case with Agastya on your phone you can send a simple sms command to your phone number from your colleagues or Friends phone. Agastya will find your client number and send it to that number from which command is sent.

Download Agastya from Google Play Store

4. Phone Away App

As the name defines, if you have forgot your phone at home this app can help to get details like missed calls, can help to divert your messages to your mail, help you to fetch contacts saved in phone remotely. One of the interesting feature is that you can also use camera and take pictures remotely.  you can control the ringer volume of your phone, can locate current location of your phone in map.
This app can also wipe all data  in SD Card and will start a Factory reset of your device remotely, Phone away lock feature will lock your phone remotely.
You can also set this app to perform a set of instruction  in case your phone is  stolen.

Download Phone Away from Google Play Store

5. VNC Viewer for Android 

VNC View help you to access your desktops from your android smartphones, although it needs to have a VNC Server, there are plenty of free servers are available nowdays, after creating a connection it works great.  It saves  connection information, import and export settings, keyboard and mouse control.

Download VNC Viewer for Google Play Store

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